Jan-Hendrik Harley obtained his Bachelors degree in music from the University of Stellenbosch (BMUS) in 2002, specialising in chamber music, classical guitar and viola. He holds a Masters degree in chamber music with a composition portfolio from the University of Stellenbosch, and a Masters degree in viola performance with early music as related field from the University of North Texas. Jan-Hendrik is a composer/arranger of classical and popular music, and also freelance as a performing and recording artist. He has done production work on numerous soundtracks and albums, his main focus being orchestration and scoring.

With almost 15 years of experience in the industry Jan-Hendrik delivers a product that translates perfectly to the scoring stage, whether the budget permits a full symphony orchestra, or rather a smaller ensemble amplified by auxiliaries. As a professional music editor he strives to produce scores and parts that are completely functional, saving lots of time on the scoring stage. Working with ‘state of the art’ software sample banks (pre-recorded orchestral sounds) Jan-Hendrik also produces soundtracks on a budget.


Being an orchestral player himself, Jan-Hendrik strives to produce scores that not only serve the client, but also add maximum enjoyment to the musicians who play the music. He is a firm believer that musicians have to engage with and relate to the music before they can produce an honest interpretation of it, thus using a blend of modern day cinematic orchestration and the traditional classical orchestration. This results in a practical score that reads easily for the conductor and orchestra, and therefore records quickly on the scoring stage.

Jan-Hendrik has used his commercial experience as a springboard to make a lifelong study of multiple musical genres ranging from early music [listen] to orchestral jazz [listen] to full symphonic music [listen]. He also loves working with the ‘flavours’ of the traditional music from his home country South Africa, using them in a commercial style [listen], and also blending them into the classical western music idiom he was educated in [listen].

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